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Threads does not intend to replace X as your breaking news feed

If you were expecting Threads by Instagram to take X’s spot as your news feed, think again. Our plan is to keep Threads as a private space for users to communicate with their close friends and family, without being bombarded with news and politics.

This position was confirmed by Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri, multiple times on the platform. Most recently, Mosseri attended a creator event where he shared his thoughts on shifting the platform into a more news-centric place, drawing upon his experience having worked for Facebook and leaning heavily into news during his time there.

This may be disappointing news to those that have fled X and were hoping that Threads would fill that gap. The simple fact is that X remains one of the best ways to keep up with what’s happening in the world.

Additionally, businesses such as news publications and the like, might be inclined to not pursue growth within the platform. Fear that they will have less opportunity to reach users with their news and announcements may become a major factor in their marketing decisions.

Addressing these concerns, Mosseri clarified that his previous comments didn’t mean that Threads would be anti-news. Furthermore, he acknowledged that there is no way to stop news from spreading within the platform, something that the company would make no attempt to do, just like it won’t attempt to amplify them either.

Reactions to that latest statement were mixed. Some celebrated and encouraged the decision to keep the platform “drama-free” and a non-controversial place they can escape to. Others instead, accused the company of taking a middle-of-the-road and safe approach in an attempt to remain non-controversial, when all their users want is a way to track real-time news.

It remains to be seen if the current position on amplifying news changes. Threads is a relatively new player to the social media space, and the company appears to be currently putting all their efforts into adding more user-requested features, except real-time news that is.

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