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Threads introduces “Tags” as its simplified version of hashtags

Meta’s Twitter competitor, Threads, is adding a new feature called “Tags,” which aims to simplify the way users categorize and discover content. Unlike traditional hashtags, Tags offer a more focused and streamlined approach to topic grouping, with several key differences.

Firstly, Threads limits users to just one tag per post. This eliminates the clutter of spammy hashtag lists often seen on other platforms, allowing for more meaningful and focused discussions. Meta believes this approach makes it easier for users to find and engage with content they’re genuinely interested in.

Secondly, Tags are integrated seamlessly within the text, appearing as blue hyperlinks rather than standalone hashtags prepended with the # symbol. This creates a cleaner and more visually appealing experience, while still maintaining their functionality.

Adding a Tag is simple: users can either type the # symbol followed by the desired Tag text directly within their post, or select it from the new post UI. This intuitive design ensures accessibility and ease of use. Unfortunately, it does not appear that tags are yet supported on the web version of the app, even if you manually type in the tag (#) symbol.

Instagram and Threads boss, Adam Mosseri, explained in his own post that Tags also support phrases and special characters, and that their purpose is to help “categorize your posts and make it easier for others to find and join in on the conversation.” He also stressed that the decision to not show the famous hashtag (#) symbol in the published post and to limit tags to one per post was done purposely in order to discourage engagement hacking.

With its focus on simplicity and clarity, Threads’ Tags feature represents a fresh approach into organizing topics and conversations in a more intelligent and user-centric manner. Keeping spammers out of the platform’s search results has been a goal for the platform and hopefully this implementation achieves just that.

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