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Title Case Maker Takes Gamble on iPhone 15 Pro Line, Misjudges and Manufactures 30,000 Cases with Incorrect Cutouts

Being a case manufacturer for flagship phones often means staying ahead of rumors and making strategic decisions. One company, Peak Design, recently faced a challenge when designing cases for the rumored iPhone 15 Pro models. There were speculations that Apple would replace the mute switch with an Action Button. However, Peak Design chose to keep the cutout for the mute switch instead of accommodating the potential new button.
The founder of Peak Design, Peter Dering, explained this decision in a post on Reddit, stating that they couldn’t be certain about the rumors and hoped the cutout would still provide a good experience. Unfortunately, with the actual iPhone 15 Pro models in hand, it became clear that the Action Button experience wasn’t satisfactory due to the recessed positioning under the case’s lip.
  • As a result, Peak Design’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max cases have a cutout that requires reaching deep to access the Action Button.

In a YouTube video, Dering mentioned that 30,000 cases were produced, and half have already been sold. He praised the case as “the best phone case in the world,” although his opinion may be biased. Nevertheless, Peak Design is offering solutions to customers with the ill-fitting cases.
Customers have three options:
  1. Request a button-fix kit and receive a $15 gift certificate for The kit is expected to be available in mid-November, although its effectiveness is uncertain.
  2. Keep the case as-is and receive a $40 gift card for
  3. Get a free replacement case with an updated button, which will be released in late November.
In another Reddit post, Dering emphasized that Peak Design values its customers’ satisfaction and brand reputation, prioritizing them over short-term profit losses.

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