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Top Galaxy S24 Screen Protectors: Protect Your Phone with the Best Options

The Galaxy S24 series was officially unveiled on January 17, 2024. The three usual suspects revealed themselves to the world, and the world thought they looked like their predecessors. All jokes aside, there are some upgrades, but most of them concern the Galaxy S24 software and update cycle.

Now, onto the pressing matter at hand. Even though there’s a new glass on top of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, called Armor, we wouldn’t recommend using this phone or its smaller siblings without a screen protector.

It can be the difference between a broken screen and… well, a broken protector. One cost hundreds, the other just a couple of bucks. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best Galaxy S24 screen protectors. They are neatly arranged in categories to suit everyone’s needs. Let’s jump in.

Will Galaxy S23 screen protectors fit the Galaxy S24?

Not so fast, Cowbow! There’s one question that needs answering. What if you have an old Galaxy S23 screen protector somewhere, gathering dust? Why not slap it on your Galaxy S24? Well, tough luck; it probably won’t fit. This year’s models have different dimensions, and the screens are bigger than those of last year’s models. So, the answer to that question in the heading is no.Jump to section:
Best Galaxy S24 thin screen protector
Best Galaxy S24 tempered glass screen protector
Best Galaxy S24 privacy screen protector

Best Galaxy S24 thin screen protector

If you don’t want to temper with your Galaxy S24’s touch sensitivity and don’t like the feel of a thick screen protector, the option for you is to get a thin film. Granted, these don’t have the strength of glass screen protectors but they will protect the screen from scratches and scuffs, and to some extent from minor bumps. They are easy to install and also very affordable. Here are the best Galaxy S24 thin film screen protectors.

AACL/FANGTIAN Samsung Galaxy S24 Thin Film Screen Protector

This Galaxy S24 screen protector film, is crafted from soft PET hybrid material, and it provides responsive touch experience with heightened sensitivity. In comparison to traditional tempered glass protectors, this film ensures superior sensitivity, while maintaining excellent scratch protection for your Samsung S24. 

It’s easy to apply (there’s an installation frame in the package), and it comes with four sheets in the box. Also extremely affordable.

Best Galaxy S24 tempered glass screen protector

If you want the best possible protection for your Galaxy S24, you need a tempered glass screen protector. These are basically a second sheet of glass over your display and they take the hit when you drop your phone instead of your precious screen. These Galaxy S24 screen protectors are thicker and you will feel the difference in you hand. They are also a tad harder to install and more expensive than thin film screen protectors.

DOME GLASS Whitestone Galaxy S24 Screen Protector

Whitestone presents a top-notch screen protector for the Galaxy S24, excelling in both technological innovation and bundled offerings. This package includes two 9H-rated tempered glass sheets.

The Dome Glass screen protector for the Galaxy S24 leverages patented dispersion technology, ensuring a bubble-free and flawless adherence to your phone’s screen. The package includes a curing UV lamp and an installation frame for precise alignment.

Enhanced contact between the protector and the screen contributes to improved touch sensitivity, and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner functions seamlessly with this protector. It’s on the more expensive side but it’s also one of the best Galaxy S24 glass screen protectors.

Best Galaxy S24 privacy screen protector

There’s a special niche of screen protectors that use a polarization filter to make the screen content of the phone invisible when viewed from a certain angle. They are extremely useful if you use your phone for work, keep sensitive data and often browse through it, or just want extra privacy on a day-to-day basis. The tradeoff is that you should look the screen straight on, otherwise there will be a drop in brightness and detail.

ZAGG – InvisibleShield Glass Fusion Samsung Galaxy S24 Privacy Screen Protector

ZAGG is a titan in the field of smartphone screen protection. The Fusion Privacy Anti-Glare Galaxy S24 privacy screen protector safeguards your phone against scratches and breakage, ensures the confidentiality of your content, and minimizes glare caused by direct light. 

It is made from a durable hybrid polymer material, it effectively absorbs and disperses impacts, providing reliable protection for your screen. Featuring a scratch-resistant surface and a 2-way privacy filter, it prevents side-angle views of your screen.


So, there you have it. We’ve covered all the basics, and this list might seem short now, but we’ll be adding more entries as the Galaxy S24 series gains popularity. Stay tuned, and visit this place often to get the best Galaxy S24 screen protectors and keep those beautiful AMOLED screens safe.

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