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Twitter is aware of and investigating performance issues on Google Pixel devices

X, the app and social media site formerly known as Twitter, is facing potential performance issues on Google Pixel devices, according to user reports and recent acknowledgments from Twitter itself. Users have been noticing sluggish performance, including slow loading times, image issues, and delayed tweet sending.

This comes amidst concerns about the general lack of attention given to the Android version of the app compared to its iOS counterpart. The Android app has traditionally lagged behind in features, such as a dedicated tablet layout.

Fred Lohner, a member of the Twitter/X mobile development team, acknowledged the reports on the platform and requested user examples of the slow app performance. While some users haven’t encountered major issues, others report sluggish performance even on fast internet connections. Specific issues mentioned include:

– Slow loading times: The app takes a long time to load initial content and refresh feeds.
– Image loading issues: Images randomly stop loading or fail to display altogether.
– Delayed tweet posting: New tweets take significantly longer to post than usual.

Additionally, one user experienced slow notification opening times on Android 14, though this may be a broader Android issue not specific to Twitter/X.

It’s important to note, though, that the overall functionality of the Twitter/X Android app is generally good. However, these reported performance problems highlight the need for optimization and improvement on Pixel devices.

With Twitter/X actively seeking user examples, it’s expected that the team will investigate and address these issues in future app updates, even though X has yet to provide a timeline for a fix. Regardless, knowing that the issue is actively being worked on is good news for Pixel users who rely on the Twitter/X app for their social media needs. Users experiencing slow performance are encouraged to report their experiences through the Twitter/X app’s feedback channels to help identify the root cause and expedite a solution.

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