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Universal Gestures for Disabled Users of the Galaxy Watch: “Making a Fist” and Other Useful Gestures

In relation to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), Samsung reminds us all of the Universal Gestures on the Galaxy Watch and how “technology can play a role in fostering a more inclusive world”, as they put it.

Universal Gestures is an accessibility feature that’s designed to empower Galaxy Watch users with a touch-free experience through simple and intuitive hand movements and it was introduced alongside the One UI 5 Watch update.

There are four distinct gestures that enable operating the device without lifting a finger or pressing a button. They are:

  • Make Fist
  • Make Fist Twice
  • Pinch
  • Double Pinch

How to turn Universal Gestures on?

In order to turn on the Universal Gestures feature, just follow these simple steps.

First, go to Settings on your Samsung smartwatch, then to the Accessibility menu. Scroll down to Universal Gestures within the Interaction and dexterity section. Then, toggle on the Universal Gestures option. There’s a Gestures tutorial, too.

What does the Universal Gestures feature allow me to do?

Simply put, the Make Fist gesture simplifies the process of selecting and opening items on the Galaxy Watch. The other fist gesture – Make Fist Twice – unveils the Action menu, which is an array of convenient options accessible right from your wrist. This menu can be described as a toolbox of essential tools, such as opening the apps menu, going to the previous screen and displaying recent apps. The Action menu is also dynamic, adjusting its content based on whichever screen is currently open when the user activates the Action menu.

Navigation is done with the other two gestures – Pinch and Double Pinch, which allow users to navigate from one item to another or go back to the previous item. This is how you scroll through your messages, browse your calendar items, and more.

“Accessibility is about removing barriers and delivering seamless experiences to everyone. That is why Universal Gestures offers users intuitive control over their Galaxy Watch. For instance, Samsung Galaxy users can easily change any of the actions of these four gestures, further personalizing their device to better serve their needs”, the official Samsung blog article reads.

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