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Unveiling the Galaxy Watch 6: Joining Forces of DJs and Neuroscientists in the Groundbreaking Sleep Rave Experiment

Samsung, neuroscientists, and DJs recently collaborated in the Netherlands for a unique research project called a Sleep Rave. A select group of participants were invited to sleep in comfortable beds while listening to an 8-hour-long set from a local DJ duo. Throughout the night, the participants wore the Galaxy Watch 6 to monitor their sleep patterns, including sleep scores, the moment of falling asleep, sleep phases, and sleep consistency.

To create an authentic rave experience, the Sleep Rave took place in the renowned Chapel of Hotel Arena in Amsterdam. The collected data from this experiment will be analyzed by independent neuroscientist and sleep expert, Dr. Els van der Helm. The main goal is to determine if dance music, typically known for keeping people awake, can actually contribute to better sleep quality.

According to Dr. Els van der Helm, music plays a significant role in our sleep routines. Research indicates that more than one in three Gen Zers and Millennials in the Netherlands use music to help them fall asleep, while another third are interested in trying it out to improve their sleep. Clearly, music holds a special place in our sleep habits.

If you’re interested in participating in your own Sleep Rave, you can listen to a 90-minute version of the track on Spotify.

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