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Upcoming Feature Set to Enhance Intelligence of the Files by Google App

Google is working on enhancing its popular Android Files app with a new feature called Smart Search. This feature will utilize machine learning to automatically identify important documents stored in the app’s Documents folder and highlight them. By doing so, users will be able to easily locate crucial files such as contracts, tax documents, and medical records.

Smart Search, not to be confused with Smart Storage, is designed exclusively for files in the Documents folder. Smart Storage aids in saving device storage space by removing media that has already been backed up to Google Photos. On the other hand, Smart Search employs machine learning algorithms to analyze various factors, including content, file type, and creation date, to identify important documents. These identified documents will be visibly highlighted within the Files app, streamlining the user’s search experience.

This innovative capability was originally uncovered by @AssembleDebug on X who successfully activated the feature via a flag. While testing, @AssembleDebug found that the feature scans and indexes documents and images periodically using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify underlying text within the files. Moreover, as the name suggests, the feature provides search functionality to locate related text and the respective document.

Source – @AssembleDebug (X)

In addition to highlighting important documents, Smart Search will also provide suggested related documents. For instance, if a user opens a contract, Smart Search may recommend other saved contracts. This will greatly assist users in staying organized and quickly accessing the documents they require.

Although Smart Search is still undergoing development, it is expected to be included in a future update to the Files app. This new and innovative feature has the potential to significantly enhance the user experience of the Files app, particularly in situations where immediate access to important information within documents is necessary.

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