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Using Fitbit features on the Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Charge 6 will require a Google Account login

Fitbit users have been given a grace period until 2025 to migrate their data to Google accounts, according to an announcement made by the company. This applies to Fitbit-integrated devices launched before 2023.

However, there is a change in policy for the new Fitbit-integrated devices released this year, such as the Fitbit Charge 6 and the Pixel Watch 2. These devices now require a Google account for Fitbit features, marking the first time Google has made this requirement for its own products.

This move indicates Google’s intention to fully integrate Fitbit into its ecosystem, similar to what it did with Nest. If you are a Fitbit or Pixel Watch user, it is advisable to migrate your account sooner rather than later. To do this, open the Fitbit app, tap on your profile picture, select “Move account,” and follow the prompts to link your Fitbit account with a Google account. Once linked, you can continue using your Fitbit devices and services as usual, but you will need to use your Google account to log in to the Fitbit app and website.

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