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Verizon falls behind T-Mobile and AT&T in implementing 5G standalone network technology

Verizon came up with a 5G standalone network far behind schedule. T-Mobile and AT&T have already begun offering services by combining a 5G radio access network with a 5G core to get benefits. The standalone 5G networks provide faster speeds, more massive coverage, better security, and various other benefits compared to non-standalone 5G networks.

Initially, Verizon planned to launch its standalone 5G network in 2020 but its release got delayed. Recently Verizon’s chief networking executive stated that 5G standalone was in the trials phase and not commercially available to customers, suggesting that it still needs some more time to be refined.

On the contrary, T-Mobile has successfully launched its 5G standalone network in 2021, aiming to improve its network coverage and attract new business accounts. AT&T is also working to shift its customers to the new 5G standalone network.

Despite all the delays and lack of clear timelines from Verizon, the trend among major carriers seems to be the transition to the new standalone 5G networks due to the significant benefits they offer.

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