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Vivaldi for Android Gets Update with Complete History Synchronization and Additional Enhancements

Vivaldi has started 2024 with a new update that brings a variety of new features and improvements to its Android browser. The update includes full history sync and a new search engine setting for Private Tabs.

Vivaldi Sync now allows users to synchronize their full browsing history across all devices. This means that users can access their entire browsing history from the History Panel and Address Bar, as well as find all web pages they have previously visited across all their devices. Previously, users could only find webpages and searches that were typed into the Address Bar.

In addition to full browsing history, Vivaldi Sync also helps users keep their Bookmarks, Password Manager, Open Tabs, Reading List, Notes, and some settings (such as search engines) in sync, regardless of the device being used. All data is end-to-end encrypted between devices, and Vivaldi ensures that it cannot read user data on their servers, nor can anyone else except the owner of the data.

The latest update introduces a separate search engine setting for Private Tabs, allowing users to add a custom search engine using Vivaldi on their computer, as well as separately set their default search engine for regular tabs and private tabs.

The latest Vivaldi update is now rolling out to Android devices worldwide, so users are encouraged to download the latest version to take advantage of these improvements.

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