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Watchdog Issues SAR Rating Warning Due to High iPhone 12 Radiation Levels, Prompting Sales Ban Threat

The French government’s regulatory body for radiation, ANFR, conducted a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) test on the iPhone 12. The results revealed that the device exceeded the legally permissible radiation emissions limit. ANFR has reached out to Apple with the test findings and requested the necessary measures to reduce the SAR levels.

Apple has a mandatory two-week period to respond to ANFR’s request. If Apple fails to address the radiation agency’s notification, the digital economy minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, is prepared to recall all circulating iPhone 12 devices. Barrot emphasized the importance of enforcing regulations on all companies, including tech giants like Apple. This move aligns with the European trend of taking stricter measures concerning privacy, competition, and sustainability.

In other news, Apple recently announced the iPhone 15 series, which now features a standard USB-C port instead of the older Lightning port. This change not only benefits users in terms of compatibility between devices but also has technological and environmental advantages. It may potentially reduce electronic waste generated annually. However, despite the USB-C transition, the charging speeds for the iPhone 15 series remain unchanged, with Apple saving that upgrade for a future release.

While the iPhone’s SAR levels have come under scrutiny before, the FCC in the United States previously dismissed claims that the device exceeded legal limits. It remains to be seen how these new allegations regarding high radiation levels on the iPhone 12 will progress. According to Mr. Barrot, Apple can potentially resolve the SAR rating issue through a simple software update. He also notes that this is the first time Apple has faced such concerns about one of its models, specifically the iPhone 12.

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