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What to expect from Samsung’s improved image processing in the Galaxy S24 line and how it could enhance your photos.

Samsung may finally fix image processing with the Galaxy S24 line. What could that mean for your photos?

Everyone has probably heard about the so-called “Samsung look” for photos. What is referred to as the Samsung look is basically a sharper, and more vivid and saturated photo than what’s the reality. According to recent rumors and leaks, Samsung may decide to go for a more realistic look with the Galaxy S24 line. Let’s talk about what this (if it ends up happening) could mean for your photos.

Samsung sees color vivid and lively (way more vivid and livelier than reality)

Samsung’s flagship phones in recent years are beasts: sporting the latest chipsets and exciting features, these phones are a joy to wield. However, they have a rather peculiar look to the photos they take, and most photos are instantly recognizable as being shot with a Galaxy phone.

Let’s quickly address what the thing is. Color saturation basically means how colorful something is. The more saturation you put, the more vivid the colors are. Sharpening enhances the definition of edges in an image. And Samsung is known to turn it up a notch when it comes to those two settings.

Rumors about the S24 series: realistic processing? How can it help with photos?

The rumor has been corroborated by several reputable leakers, including the accurate tipster IceUniverse. This could mean that we might actually see more realistic photo processing on the S24 Ultra. Samsung does the same vivid-like processing to some level on all of the S23 Ultra cameras, and we can see it even more noticeably on the ultra-wide and sometimes, portrait shots.

The more realistic processing may tame those just a tiny bit – they may still look lively and colorful, but more true to life. This can also help with skin tones – sometimes those tend to appear pinker or yellower than reality on Galaxies.

There are plenty of scenarios you’d like to take a more realistic photo. A more natural green and blue can help you achieve more inspiring photos when taking photos in nature. Also, the need for truthfulness to real colors applies when you’re taking photos of colorful buildings, pets, and people.

All in all, as it’s not 100% certain Samsung will do this, as this is still a rumor at this point. We’re close now to seeing the S24 series unveiled, and we can’t wait to know what Samsung has in store for us!

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