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What to Expect from the Twelve Color Options of the OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 12 is just about to be unveiled in China, its official unveiling is scheduled for December 5. As in the past couple of years, the phone will first see its official unveiling in China to then make it to the global market later, from what it seems. The design photos have been shared by OnePlus, so we know what the new flagship phone will look like as well. If you’re wondering which colors will the OnePlus 12 be available in, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll talk about the colors, and when the phone becomes official, we’ll include even more details for you so we can help you make the right choice of which OnePlus 12 color to go for.

So far, we know what the three colors will look like, but the official names haven’t been shared yet (they have been mentioned in a post on Weibo, and in this article, we’re using the translated names, which may or may not be the official names the phone will retail in the global market).

What colors will the OnePlus 12 be available in?

So far, OnePlus has revealed three colors for the phone: black, green, and white. The names will reportedly be Pale Green, Rock Black, and White, according to a translation of the Weibo post. However, we’re not entirely sure if the white will be available for the global market. In previous years, OnePlus flagships were available in green and black hues for the global markets, while other colors were reserved for the Chinese market. We’ll see whether this will be the case this year.

OnePlus 12 colors (names may not be the official ones):

  • Pale Green
  • Rock Black
  • White

OnePlus 12 colors: what to expect

OnePlus 12 in Pale Green

The OnePlus 12 in Pale Green comes with an interesting pattern on its glass back. Darker green marks make it more dynamic and polished. The camera island is painted in a matching deep green hue, and so is the frame of the phone. The green shade in itself is tinted more towards a blue-green than grass green, and we’re sure this phone will look gorgeous in real life.

This color, while maintaining its OnePlus look, brings a dramatic touch to it. You’ll like it if you want a touch of color with a beautiful design on your phone.

OnePlus 12 in Rock Black

Black is also a standard color for OnePlus flagship phones. And of course, to eliminate the worry of fingerprint smudges on the dark surface, the finish is a beautiful matte frosted one. The black looks polished and premium, and blends seamlessly with the big camera island OnePlus is going for.

We also get a frame painted in a matching color, and the OnePlus logo on the back is in the same darker shade for extra sophistication. If you prefer a serious and business look, the OnePlus 12 in black will be ideal for you.

OnePlus 12 in White

Before we talk about this color, we need to address something – last year, the OnePlus 10 Pro was also available in white, but this color remained exclusive to China. Although it may not happen this year, and the global market may get the white, we just wanted to mention that so you can keep it in mind.

Apart from that though, the OnePlus 12 in white looks stunning. The white, at least judging by the official photos, is a cool white with a tint of silver. The camera island and the frame of the phone look silver, complementing the clean and polished look. It will most likely be matte as well, a polish that contributes to that premium and high-end feeling of the phone.

The OnePlus logo is painted in silver as well, unifying the look. If you are attracted to simplicity, this color should definitely be on your radar.

OnePlus 12 colors: recognizable, but still exciting and fresh

OnePlus manages to keep things fresh while still maintaining a recognizable look for its phones. The company has been favoring green and black hues for its flagships for quite a while, and it stays within this tradition this year as well. However, each OnePlus flagship brings a touch of interest to these two colors, so no shade is ever the exact same shade. Meanwhile, we do hope the white color will also be available globally, as it’s a stunningly beautiful color and will most likely be a preferred choice for many people. When we know more, we’ll let you know!

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