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Why I am excited for the Pixel 9 after experiencing the Galaxy AI features on the S24

Google’s Pixel line has distinguished itself through nature-inspired color variants, unique camera bump visor aesthetics, and a range of AI-inspired features. However, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is now equipped with Galaxy AI technology, leading to questions of whether Samsung is simply playing catch-up.

Back in 2023, AI was already prevalent in smartphones, but it gained increased marketing focus after the emergence of ChatGPT. Google heavily promoted its Pixel 8 line with AI features, while also offering seven years of software support and security updates. Meanwhile, Apple introduced the iPhone 15 Pro Max, featuring a titanium-covered body and strong marketing.

Fast forward to 2024, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S24 with a titanium variant and various AI features, similar to Google’s Pixel line. This raised questions about why Google would give away such a significant aspect of its Pixel brand to a major competitor.

Despite Google’s substantial investment in developing Pixel features and marketing them, the company seemingly handed over these features to Samsung. However, this could be part of a strategic plan to fuel anticipation for the upcoming Pixel 9.

By sharing Pixel-exclusive features with Samsung’s Galaxy AI, Google may have something even more innovative in store for its upcoming phone lineup. With the Pixel 9 likely to focus on AI capabilities, Google’s ability to innovate in this space makes it a compelling prospect.

As the tech industry anticipates the Pixel 9, the question remains whether Google will introduce groundbreaking AI features while addressing the demand for vibrant color variants. Only time will tell, but for now, the anticipation for the Pixel 9’s AI capabilities remains high.

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