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Will Apple users overlook the “biggest” iPhone problem with the release of iPhone 16?

Today, here in Phones Canada, we will be discussing “Hertz” or “Hz”, which is a unit of frequency equivalent to one cycle per second. Among the things measured in Hz are audio frequencies, radio frequencies, CPU clock rates/speeds, and display refresh rate. The display refresh rate measures how many times per second the screen can display a new image.

The original Razer Phone and the 2018 Asus ROG Phone were the first phones to feature a screen refresh rate higher than 60Hz, which was the standard for many years. Since then, high-refresh-rate screens/monitors have become more common, not just in gaming devices but across various smartphone models.

Samsung and Google followed, releasing phones such as the Galaxy S20 with 120Hz and the Pixel 5 with 90Hz refresh rates, respectively. However, one major player has yet to incorporate the higher refresh rate into their phones: Apple.

Rumors have surfaced that the upcoming iPhone 16 will not have a 120Hz display, which makes it five years after high-refresh-rate displays became mainstream and three years after the first iPhone with a 120Hz display.

You might be wondering why other phone models in the $200-400 price range come with the same display technology as the $1,200 iPhone 15 Pro Max but are nowhere to be seen on the $800 iPhone 15.

While high refresh rate displays make a noticeable difference, Android phones tend to benefit more compared to iPhones. iPhones with 60Hz displays have still felt smooth, while Android phones with the same display refresh rate have felt sluggish.

Now, you may be wondering when all iPhone models will adopt this high-refresh-rate technology. According to display analyst Ross Young, the iPhone 17, expected in 2026, should be the first vanilla iPhone with a 120Hz ProMotion display.

In conclusion, it seems that Apple continues to delay adding a high-refresh-rate screen to all but the Pro model iPhones. But do iPhone users really care? It’s a matter of personal preference and usage, as what might matter to one user may not be a consideration for another.

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