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X Spaces may include video integration for turning your camera during conversations.

Remember Twitter’s own audio chat room—Spaces? Well, it’s one of the features that Elon Musk decided to keep after rebranding the social media platform to X and introducing numerous updates and new features in his attempts to turn X into the “everything app”—social media, a bank, a marketplace, and whatever else the tech billionaire decides.Now, it seems Spaces is getting a new twist with the introduction of a camera option. A tip from Aaron on X unveiled a code in the latest X update for iOS, hinting at the imminent arrival of videos in Spaces. The exact release date for this feature remains unclear, but it’s anticipated to be on the horizon.

For those unfamiliar with Spaces, it is a way to have live audio conversations on X. Anyone can join, listen, and speak in a Space on X for iOS and Android. Currently, you can only listen in a Space on the web.

With the upcoming video update, Spaces is evolving from being solely audio-focused to incorporating video, positioning itself closer to the functionality of video conferencing tools like Google Meet or Zoom, where you can have an online meeting with your coworkers, followers, or even friends (let’s hope we can see them live, but nevertheless, as 2020 showed, such tools can be useful).

To host a Space, you can initiate it by long-pressing on the post Composer from your Home timeline and selecting the Spaces icon or choosing the Spaces tab at the bottom. Spaces are public, allowing anyone to join as listeners.

Up to 13 people, including the host and 2 co-hosts, can speak simultaneously. Scheduling is an option, and hosts can invite others to talk or send requests for permission. Starting a Space includes enabling mic access, and hosts can share the link via a post for others to join the conversation.

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