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Xiaomi Opts for a Fresh Start, Introducing HyperOS as MIUI Phases Out

Xiaomi Discontinues MIUI and Introduces HyperOS

In a surprising move, Xiaomi has recently announced that it will be replacing its long-standing MIUI operating system with a brand-new system called HyperOS. This significant change will be rolled out globally throughout 2024. While details about the upgrade eligibility for existing devices are yet to be confirmed, Xiaomi has revealed that its latest flagship, the Xiaomi 14, will come pre-installed with the HyperOS.

Xiaomi’s Vice President, Alvin Tse, responded to some inquiries from fans on Twitter, stating that the upcoming HyperOS will feature a completely redesigned architecture with minimal similarities to MIUI. This implies that users can expect a fresh and unique user experience with the new operating system.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of HyperOS is its versatility beyond smartphones. Xiaomi has designed it to integrate seamlessly with their wider ecosystem, which includes a diverse range of products. This integration aims to enhance user experience across different devices, promoting a cohesive and interconnected environment.

Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, shared some insight into HyperOS, explaining that it is based on the integration of a highly evolved Android system and Xiaomi’s self-developed Vela system. This combination suggests that HyperOS will offer users a refined and optimized performance.

While specific details about HyperOS, such as screenshots or further information, have not been revealed yet, Xiaomi’s announcement indicates a strong dedication to innovation and improvement. The company seems committed to creating a system that will redefine users’ digital experience.

As Xiaomi continues to push boundaries, we look forward to learning more about HyperOS and its capabilities. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.

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