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YouTube introduces AI-driven advertising feature enabling brands to effectively target major events or holidays

YouTube introduces “Spotlight Moments” for AI-powered advertising

YouTube is upping its advertising game and is now offering advertisers a new package called “Spotlight Moments”. The new package will use AI to identify the most popular YouTube videos related to a specific moment, like Halloween, major awards (Oscars), or sporting events.

YouTube advertisers can use AI now for better advertising

The advertiser will be able to use AI to identify a big cultural moment like the ones mentioned above and then serve ads across a video referencing the topic or event. These videos will be curated into dynamically updated playlists.

AI is now becoming a prominent way that we interact with the internet. Actually, you don’t interact with AI just by chatting with Bard. AI’s been in advertising as well and is quietly powering the ads you’re seeing, where they are, and why. The Spotlight Moments feature is just one of several AI-powered initiatives launched by YouTube. Other such campaigns are Video Reach and Video View, which also use Google AI.

YouTube says that companies that use Video Reach, for example, with in-stream, in-feed, and YouTube Shorts have seen their campaigns deliver 54% more reach in comparison to in-stream only. Google is looking toward a new era in using AI, where generative AI will help transform how the company sells and places ads. AI is also used to automatically create assets for Search ads, which use content from a given brand’s home page and existing ads to craft new headlines and descriptions for their ads for example. Google AI can also learn about a brand from its website and then populate a campaign with text and assets, including generated images.

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