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YouTube introduces new “Pause” option to give Creators greater control over video comments

YouTube Content Creators now have the ability to take a breather with the addition of a new “Pause” feature in their comment moderation toolbox. This simple option allows them to halt the creation of new comments for a specific video while still preserving existing comments. This provides much-needed flexibility for managing online discussions and maintaining a positive online environment.

Before this update, Content Creators were faced with the tough decision of either disabling comments entirely or manually reviewing each one before it appeared publicly, which could be burdensome, especially for popular channels with a constant influx of comments.

The “Pause” option presents a middle ground, allowing creators to temporarily stop the flow of new comments when they become overwhelming, without resorting to complete shutdowns. This can be particularly helpful during live streams or other unpredictable situations where managing comments in real-time can be challenging.

YouTube shared that during the testing phase of this feature, both creators and moderators found the “Pause” option to be incredibly useful. It suddenly empowered them to create a more positive and engaging community, focus on other aspects of their channel, or simply take a mental break.

In addition to the “Pause” feature, YouTube has also renamed existing comment moderation settings for clarity and ease of use. The available options now include “On” with optional comment moderation settings, “Pause” where no new comments can be posted but existing comments remain visible, and “Off” where comments are disabled entirely.

The new “Pause” feature is a welcome addition to YouTube’s comment moderation tools, offering creators more control and flexibility in managing their online communities. We are eager to see how the larger YouTube community will react to this change and whether it will become part of the solution when it comes to curbing comment spam.

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