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YouTube is testing a new conversational AI along with an AI-governed comment section.

YouTube Tests New AI-Powered Features

YouTube is testing two new AI-powered features that could make the video platform more engaging and informative for users. These features are currently only available to a limited amount of YouTube Premium subscribers.

Ask Feature

According to reports, YouTube’s first feature called “Ask” is a conversational AI that allows users to ask questions about the videos they’re watching. The feature generates answers using large language models (LLMs). Users can also ask the AI to recommend related content. The “Ask” button will be available on select English videos and is currently exclusive to US English (18+) YouTube Premium subscribers on the Android app. YouTube plans to expand the availability of this feature to more users in the coming weeks.

AI-Powered Comment Organizer

Another new feature being tested is an AI-powered tool that organizes large comment sections of long-form videos into easily digestible themes. This feature helps users find the comments they’re most interested in and makes it easier for creators to moderate their comment sections. The “Topics” section will appear alongside the “Top” and “Newest” sort options on select videos with large comment sections. Creators have the ability to remove unwanted comment topics and delete individual comments under specific topics.

Experimentation and Availability

Both of these features are currently experimental. YouTube Premium subscribers can access them through the “Try experimental new features” page on both the web and the app. As of now, the “Explore comment topics summarized by AI” feature is available until December 5th.

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