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A Review of Shaw Mobile: Examining Coverage, Plans, and Pricing

Shaw Mobile was a wireless carrier that used to offer low-cost cell phone plans to Alberta and British Columbia residents. After Rogers acquired Shaw in April 2023, Shaw Mobile was discontinued, and its existing customers were migrated to the Rogers network.

What is Shaw Mobile?
Shaw Mobile was a wireless carrier in Alberta and British Columbia known for its affordable plans, reliable hotspots (through its Go WiFi network), and easy-to-use travel plans. In April 2023, the CRTC approved Rogers Communications’ acquisition of Shaw Mobile and mandated that Shaw sell Freedom Mobile to Quebecor, owner of Videotron, in order to maintain healthy competition in the Canadian telecom market.

Shaw/ Rogers merger: What will happen to Shaw Mobile customers?
Following the Shaw/Rogers merger, many Shaw Mobile customers were concerned their cell phone plans were in jeopardy. Luckily, that was not the case: Rogers explained that starting June 6, 2023, Shaw Mobile customers would have the opportunity to join the Rogers 4G LTE network at the same rate as their respective Shaw Mobile plans, a guarantee the company will honor for five years.

The migration process is not too complicated. Rogers will effectively port Shaw Mobile users’ phone numbers and accounts. They’ll also mail you a Rogers SIM, which you’ll need to insert into your phone, and email you instructions for creating a MyRogers account. If you have a remaining MyTab balance, you’ll find the charge on your final Shaw Mobile bill. You’ll need to pay any other outstanding payments to Shaw rather than Rogers.

If you’re looking for Shaw Mobile customer service, you can call +1-888-472-2222. Rogers also created a dedicated chat agent for former Shaw Mobile customers on its website.

Where is Shaw Mobile/Rogers available?
The Shaw/Rogers merger offers some serious upsides for former Shaw Mobile customers, including a significant expansion of their coverage map. Shaw Mobile’s 4G LTE network was limited to Alberta and British Columbia; when Shaw customers used their phones outside of those provinces, they experienced slower speeds thanks to the deprioritization from Shaw’s partner networks. Rogers’ network, on the other hand, is nationwide. The carrier’s 4G LTE network reaches over 97% of Canadians and covers 28% of the country’s land mass.

While Shaw Mobile customers might be content transferring their 4G LTE plans to a comparable plan on Rogers’ 4G network, they could also upgrade to a 5G plan, which offers faster speeds. Rogers’ 5G service reaches over 70% of Canadians and is rapidly expanding.

Rogers cell phone plans
If you’re a former Shaw Mobile customer, we recommend exploring all of your options with Rogers before migrating. The most popular Shaw Mobile plan was the Unlimited Plan, which offered 25GB of full-speed 4G LTE for $85/month. Rogers’ Infinite Essential Plan offers more for the same price, with 75GB of full-speed 5G data.

The Unlimited + US & Mexico plan was another popular option, offering the same 25GB of 4G LTE data plus free roaming through North America for $95/month. Rogers’ Infinite Premium Canada+US Plan is more expensive at $105/month, but it also offers 150GB of full-speed 5G data.

If you’re looking for more options from Rogers, you can also find the carrier’s most popular plans below.

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