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Comparison of Telus Coverage Map

Telus Mobility boasts the best wireless coverage in Canada, with its 4G LTE network reaching 99% of Canadians and its 5G network covering over 70% of the population. Koodo and Public Mobile are also part of the Telus network, offering great coverage at more affordable price points.

Telus excels in both speed and reliability and shares Canada’s largest cell tower network with Bell. The network covers most cities, towns, and highway arteries, although less populated regions may find it more difficult to get a signal, especially in the northern areas of the provinces.

Telus was the last national carrier to launch 5G service, with plans to continue rolling out to more markets through 2024 and eventually reach all Canadians. The network also partners with industry leaders to bring 5G-powered innovations to Canada, showing a commitment to ongoing growth and development.

Telus is also the provider for other carrier brands like Koodo and Public Mobile. These brands now offer a limited amount of 5G plans, providing access to 5G speeds at more affordable prices.

In comparison with other carriers, Telus has larger network coverage than Bell and Rogers, with the two companies sharing real estate on the same cell phone towers. Bell, however, has slightly more service area than Telus in British Columbia and Alberta, while Rogers’ coverage map is slightly smaller, covering 28% of the country’s landmass.

Overall, Telus offers extensive coverage in urban areas and is expanding its 5G network to reach more Canadians. Customers can also take advantage of more affordable options through Koodo and Public Mobile, both operating on the Telus network.

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