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Discover and Share Your 2023 Spotify Wrapped Playlist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Spotify Wrapped is a fun and engaging way to see and share your most listened to artists, songs, and podcasts in 2023. It’s a completely personalized recap that includes exclusive video messages from your top artists, a “Sound Town” showing where people from around the world have similar musical preferences, and a Listening Personality. Spotify Wrapped provides custom stats such as most played songs, top artists, favorite genres, and minutes spent listening to music. It also creates a custom playlist of your top songs. Each year, Spotify adds new features to its Wrapped stories, like the Sound Town, and Listening Personality. Sharing your Spotify Wrapped story to social media is easy to do from the Spotify app. To save your Spotify Wrapped playlists, click the “add” button on any given playlist to add it to your library.

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