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Keeping Your Number When Switching to a New Cell Provider: A Step-by-Step Guide

Switching cell phone providers is a relatively simple process, and this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make it happen. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Find your IMEI number: Your phone’s IMEI number is a unique identifier for your device. You can find it by typing *#06# into the Phone app.
2. Check network compatibility: Ensure your device is compatible with the carrier’s network before activating the plan. Most carriers provide an online option to enter your IMEI number and check compatibility.
3. Find a new plan: Before cancelling your current plan, make sure you’ve found a new one that meets all your needs. Consider factors like data usage, talk and text needs, and eligibility requirements for new customers with the carrier.
4. Review your new carrier’s eligibility requirements: Every carrier has eligibility requirements for new customers, so be sure to review and understand these before making a switch.
5. Pay down the balance on your current plan: If you have a remaining balance on a subsidized phone, it will need to be paid off before transferring to the new carrier.
6. Prepare for early cancellation fees: If you are under a contract with your current carrier, be prepared for early termination fees.
7. Switch cell phone providers: Contact your new carrier’s customer support to initiate the switch, whether it’s over the phone, in person at a retail store, or via the provider’s website.

If you wish to keep your phone number when switching carriers, follow your new carrier’s instructions for number porting. And after successfully switching carriers, remember to install your new carrier’s support apps, check your final bill from the old carrier, and monitor your first bill from the new carrier. When deciding whether to bring your own device or get a new smartphone, consider the pros and cons of both options to make a more informed decision.

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