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Top 3 Safest Apps for a Spooktacular Halloween Trick-or-Treating

For kids, Halloween is an exciting night filled with the promise of free candy. However, for parents, it can be a source of worry and concern due to safety issues. Fortunately, there are several safety apps available that can help ease these concerns. We have sifted through the App Store and Google Play to find the top three trick-or-treating apps for Halloween.

1. Find My – Best for iOS users
Find My is an app that allows you to track the devices connected to your Apple ID. This app can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping an eye on your trick-or-treaters. By attaching AirTags to their costumes or candy bags, you can easily monitor their location. In addition, you can enable notifications for location changes and even set a radius for their trick-or-treating route to receive alerts if they stray beyond it. Find My is available for free from Apple.

2. Life360 – Best for Android users
Designed with families in mind, Life360 is a safety tracking app that offers various plans, including features like driver reports, roadside assistance, and stolen phone protection for a monthly fee. However, for trick-or-treating purposes, the free version of Life360 provides location tracking and geofencing services. Even without a smartphone, you can still be located in Life360 by linking it with a Tile. Although Life360 supports AirTags, we recommend using the Apple-native Find My app if you are an iOS user. Life360 is available for free from Google.

3. Nextdoor – Best for Android users
Nextdoor is a social media app specifically designed for your neighborhood. Although the newsfeed might get cluttered with random posts, Nextdoor’s Treat Map feature is a valuable tool for Halloween. It acts as an interactive guide to your neighborhood, allowing users to mark their accounts with candy icons if they plan on distributing treats or haunted decor icons if they have transformed their homes into spooky spectacles. Nextdoor is available for free from Apple.

If you want to take additional precautions for your kids’ safety, finding an age-appropriate cell phone is crucial. Sophisticated smartphones may contribute to increased screen time, which can lead to anxiety and depression in children. Feature phones, often referred to as “dumb phones,” are the best option for kids. They are affordable, reliable, and limited to basic functionalities such as talk and text. One recommended feature phone is the ZTE Cymbal 2, which has a 2.8″ display, a 2MP rear camera, and 4G LTE connectivity. Another option is the TCL Flip, which features a 2.8″ display, a 2MP rear camera, and 4G capability. Both phones are compact and suitable for your kid’s pocket or backpack.

If you want to explore more feature phones for kids, we have listed some of the most popular ones below.

Safe trick-or-treating: FAQs

– [FAQs removed]

Remember, these apps and phones are meant to enhance safety and make your Halloween experience worry-free. Happy trick-or-treating!

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