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Top Freedom Mobile Phone Plans for 2023: Enjoy Data, Talk, and Text Starting at $19 per Month

Phones Canada brings you the best Freedom Mobile cell phone plans for September 2023. When Freedom Mobile (previously known as Wind Mobile) entered the wireless industry, it shook things up by offering more data at lower prices. Today, Freedom Mobile continues to offer excellent plans. Here are our top picks:

1. Big Gig Unlimited + Canada-U.S. Plan:
The Big Gig Unlimited + Canada-U.S. Plan takes the top spot with 40GB of 5G data for just $45/month when paired with a new device.

2. 4G LTE 20GB Plan:
For excellent value, consider the 4G LTE 20GB Plan, priced at $34/month when paired with a new phone.

3. 4G LTE 3GB Plan:
The $29 4G LTE 3GB Plan is one of the best basic plans in the country, especially with the bonus data currently offered for a limited time.

To get the most out of Freedom Mobile, make sure to stay within the coverage area. Slow connections may occur if you exceed your nationwide data limit. Now, let’s dive into the details of each plan:

Best Freedom Mobile Premium Smartphone Plan

5G Unlimited 40GB CA-US Plan | $45/month
Freedom Mobile now offers 5G speeds thanks to their partnership with Videotron. This plan provides 40GB of full-speed 5G data for $45/month when paired with a new phone. You can finance any phone offered by Freedom Mobile, such as the Apple iPhone 14, Google Pixel 7a, and Samsung Galaxy S23. Alternatively, you can bring your own phone and save money, though you won’t receive the large data bonus.

Best Freedom Mobile Moderate Data Plan

4G LTE 20GB Plan | $34/month
Freedom’s moderate plan offers 20GB of 4G LTE data on their network for $34/month when paired with a new smartphone. You can finance almost any phone from Freedom, including the iPhone 13, Google Pixel 7, and Samsung Galaxy S22. Trading in a phone can save you up to $300 on a new device.

Best Freedom Mobile Plans for Basic Use

4G LTE 3GB Plan | $29/month
Ideal for basic users, this plan includes 4.5GB of data on the Freedom network, unlimited Canada-wide calling, and international texting for $29/month. Bonus data is also available depending on when you activate the plan. While this plan can be paired with select devices like the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, it doesn’t include nationwide data. Ensure that limited connectivity outside major cities is acceptable for your needs.

4G LTE 250MB Starter Plan | $19/month
Perfect for seniors or students on a budget, this plan offers 100 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited messages, and 250MB of 4G LTE data on the Freedom Network for $19/month. With this plan, you can choose a cheap smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A03s or the Motorola Moto G Pure, or bring your own device. Although the data allotment is limited, it’s still better than many prepaid plans in Canada. There will be no overage fees if you exceed 250MB; your speed will only be throttled.

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Our team at Phones Canada analyzes plans to find the best Freedom Mobile options. We consider factors such as data allotment, calling features, price, and financing perks to provide you with the most valuable recommendations.

Freedom Mobile Coverage:
Freedom Mobile offers robust coverage in major Canadian cities like Toronto and Calgary. However, coverage in other areas may be spotty. The network also provides 5G speeds through its partnership with Videotron. Note that plans may include limited full-speed data outside major cities.

Freedom Mobile Features:
Freedom Mobile offers various features, including referral credits, add-ons for additional nationwide data and roaming plans, unlimited U.S. long-distance calling, and up to $300 towards a new device through trade-ins. Customers can also finance phones with MyTab, paying a portion upfront and the remaining balance over 24 months.

Freedom Mobile Deals:
Currently, Freedom Mobile is offering bonus data deals with their 5G and 4G LTE plans, with up to 100GB of full-speed data on the Freedom Network for new activations that include a new smartphone purchase.

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