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Google to Introduce Emoji Reactions on Gmail in October: Official Confirms

Google Confirms Emoji Reactions are Coming to Gmail in October After a report last month that claimed Gmail will eventually get emoji reactions, Google confirmed today that the said feature will be coming to its email app in October. Starting this month, if you have a personal Gmail account, you should start seeing a smiley […]

Buyers receive pre-ordered Pixel 8 units three days prior to official release

Some fortunate individuals are receiving their pre-ordered Pixel 8 handsets ahead of the official release date, which is set for October 12th. These early recipients have taken to Reddit to share their initial experiences with the device. One user mentioned that while they generally found the phone to be “great,” they were somewhat disappointed with […]

Design changes underway for leaked high quality renders of Google Pixel 8a

Phones Canada Team Exclusive: Leaked Renders and Specs of Google Pixel 8a Just days after the official launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, we have obtained exclusive leaked high-quality renders and hands-on information about the upcoming Pixel 8a. These leaks come from the reliable sources OnLeaks/X and Smartprix, who have a track […]

Discover the Latest Happenings at Nothing

Last April Fool’s Day, Nothing announced what appeared to be a joke about the company brewing a beer in a silver can that featured the dot-matrix font associated now with the company. But the joke is on us as Beer (5.1%) is now available in the U.K. and Nothing says that it is “working on […]

Vivo Surpasses Samsung by Introducing Slider Phone Featuring Rollable Display

Chinese smartphone manufacturers Vivo and Transion are racing Samsung to release a handset with a slidable panel. While Samsung has been showcasing rollable display concepts, it seems that Vivo and Transion will beat them to market. The Elec’s industry insiders report that Vivo and Transion are determined to launch their slider phones before Samsung’s offering. […]