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Keep Thieves Out of Your iPhone and Banking Apps with New iOS 17.3 Feature

Apple recently released the first iOS 17.3 developer beta, and it comes with a new feature called Stolen Device Protection. This feature is designed to prevent iPhone thieves from accessing a stolen device. This is done by requiring Face ID or Touch ID when the iPhone is at a location that is not usually associated […]

Possible AI-Powered Feature in Galaxy Buds 3 Pro could be a Game Changer

Phones Canada team is excited about the potential AI features rumored to be coming to the next Samsung Galaxy Buds. According to reports from South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, expected to be released in the second part of 2024, may feature an on-device language translation feature. Unlike other products that […]

Instagram is testing a feature to allow users to control who can view their likes

Instagram plans to introduce a new privacy feature that will allow users to select who can see their likes on posts and reels. The ability to control who gets to see your likes is meant to boost privacy and, hopefully, improve engagement. A couple of screenshots captured from a beta version of Instagram confirm the […]

Pixel 7 Pro users experiencing fingerprint scanner issues after Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2

It has been reported that some Pixel 7 Pro users have experienced issues with the fingerprint scanner after updating to the new Android 14 beta. According to posts on Reddit, the fingerprint sensor has stopped working on certain units, with users receiving a message stating, “Can’t use fingerprint sensor. Visit a repair center.” This problem […]