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A conversion tool for built-in eSIMs may be available for Google Pixel phones

The era of physical SIM cards is waning, making way for digital eSIMs, a transition notably led by the iPhone 14 series, which bid farewell to the SIM card slot for US models. In support of this shift towards eSIM technology, Google might be gearing up to introduce a built-in eSIM conversion tool for Pixel phones. 9to5Google reports that traces about Google’s preparations for a dedicated eSIM conversion tool for its Pixel phones were found within the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 update. The SIM Manager app update includes multiple references to the success or failure of converting to an eSIM.

It appears that Google’s primary goal is to simplify the conversion from a physical SIM card to an eSIM during the setup of a new phone. The only other mentions of conversion in this app relate to the recently launched ability to transfer an eSIM from one Pixel phone to another.

In devices with the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 update installed, a new “Convert to eSIM” option surfaces in the Settings app under Network & internet > SIMs > (your carrier). As of now, tapping this option does not trigger any immediate actions.

Currently, most Android phones still retain their SIM card slots. However, over time, carriers and phone manufacturers are expected to promote the use of eSIMs over physical cards actively. In the grand scheme, transitioning predominantly to eSIMs is poised to reduce future e-waste and simplify the process of changing carriers from the comfort of one’s home.

eSIMs seamlessly integrate with diverse devices like smartwatches, tablets, and IoT devices, fostering a connected ecosystem. This interconnectedness streamlines the management of multiple devices, allowing users to switch seamlessly without the constraints of traditional SIM card swaps.

This versatility not only boosts convenience but also paves the way for a harmonious and connected tech landscape, where devices work in unison to meet users’ varied needs.

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