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Apple CEO Tim Cook sells company stocks for the first time since 2021, earning $41.5 million

The last time Tim Cook chose to sell some of his own Apple shares was in August, 2021. At that time, he pocketed $355 million. In 2022, he was one of the few Apple executives not to sell any.

Now, he sells again. The Cupertino giant boss makes far less – “only” $41.5 million (via AppleInsider).

The price before taxes was around $87.8 million, accounting for approximately half a million APPL stocks. It’s interesting that Tim Cook chose to sell at a time when Apple’s stocks were traded lower than usual.

According to Reuters, Apple’s shares have fallen 13% from their record high of $198.23 in July, probably as a result of investors being concerned about a slower-than-expected recovery in smartphone demand in 2023. Shares of the Cupertino, California-based company were down 0.6% in trading before the bell.

Back in 2021, Tim Cook sold the five million shares he was granted as part of the deal when starting as CEO, bringing in just over $750 million, but after taxes, the sum got to $355 million.

Reportedly, Cook still owns approximately 3.3 million shares, which are worth $585 million.

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