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Apple delighting iPhone 14 users with an extra complimentary year of Emergency SOS via satellite

Last year, Apple introduced a handy new feature with the iPhone 14 series—Emergency SOS via satellite, proving its worth in critical situations. A recent incident saw it in action, saving a woman and her dog from a flash flood during the summer. The good news is that this feature is not fading away with the new iPhone 15 series; in fact, Apple has a little something for the previous generation owners.

Marking the first anniversary of the safety service’s launch in the US and Canada, Apple declared an extension of the Emergency SOS via satellite for an extra free year, exclusively for existing iPhone 14 users.

Emergency SOS via Satellite allows users to text emergency services even when cellular or Wi-Fi coverage is out of reach. According to Kaiann Drance, Apple’s VP of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, it has indeed played a vital role in saving lives globally. From rescuing a man whose car plunged over a 400-foot cliff in Los Angeles to locating lost hikers in the Apennine Mountains in Italy, countless stories highlight the importance of “customers being able to connect with emergency responders when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.”

Initially promised as a two-year coverage package with the purchase of the iPhone 14, Apple has now sweetened the deal with an additional 12 months. This means the free coverage for the iPhone 14 series will begin to expire from September 2025 onward, depending on when you bought and activated your iPhone 14.

As for the future, the specifics of Apple’s pricing for Emergency SOS via satellite remain in the shadows. While it is clear that Apple intends to introduce charges for iPhone users to access this feature, the when and how much are still uncertain. There is speculation that Apple might be eyeing a broader activation in more countries before rolling out subscription fees, but only time will unveil the plan. For now, this life-saving feature is accessible in 16 countries and regions.

While we hope you never have to hit that Emergency SOS button, it is wise to stay informed. Check out our dedicated piece on Emergency SOS via satellite—what is it, and how does it work, just in case.

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