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Choosing best browser – can it really be done?

Why Brave?

brave logo vs chrome logo vs Others

Why should you use Brave over Chrome? A helpful “Explain It Like I’m Five” series to show why over 19 million people are using Brave today.

Brave vs Chrome

A Browser Built to Perform

3x faster. 1 hour more of battery life. 33% less memory usage. Speed past Chrome today.Read this article →

Brave vs Chrome

What You Do Online Is Your Business, Not Ours

You are not a product. Your browser should not spy on your online behavior. Read how Brave respects your privacy by shielding you from the surveillance economy.Read this article →

Brave vs Chrome

Get Rewarded For Paying Attention

Pay attention, get rewarded. Brave is making the Internet economy fairer for creators and users.Read this article →



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