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Apple reportedly plans to increase iPhone production twofold in India by 2024

Apple to Double iPhone Production in India in 2024

In recent years, India has become a key player in high-tech manufacturing and assembly, attracting the attention of major players like Apple, looking to diversify from their reliance on China. This shift aligns with the Indian government’s push to boost local manufacturing and technology sectors.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will double its iPhone production in India by 2024. Reportedly, in 2023, approximately 12–14% of global iPhone shipments originate from India, with expectations to raise this figure to 20–25% by 2024 if everything goes according to plan.

Kuo attributes this significant uptick to ongoing manufacturing efforts by Foxconn, which owns a substantial 75–80% of iPhone production capacity in India. The recent acquisition of Wistron’s iPhone production lines in India by Indian conglomerate Tata Group is also highlighted as a contributing factor.

According to Kuo, the Tata deal not only strengthens Apple’s manufacturing capabilities in India but also its relationship with the Indian government. He emphasizes the strategic importance of this move, stating that it will positively impact future sales of iPhones and other Apple products in India, playing a crucial role in Apple’s growth over the next decade.

Looking ahead, Kuo anticipates the development of the first iPhone model designed in India. This is expected to kick off in 2024, starting with the iPhone 17, a model slated for public debut in the subsequent year. The selection of the standard iPhone as the first model designed outside of China is deemed a low-risk choice due to its straightforward design.

Additionally, the note points out a shift in Foxconn’s production scale in China, with a projected decrease of 35–45% in Zhengzhou and 75–85% in Taiyuan by 2024. This reduction is attributed to Foxconn’s increased focus on India and Apple’s diversification strategy involving other partners like Luxshare.

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