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Apple Store employees in France to go on strike during iPhone 15 release

Recently, France has been showing little leniency towards Apple. The country recently halted sales of the iPhone 12 nationwide due to concerns about radiation levels. This action prompted other European countries to also evaluate the health risks associated with the iPhone 12. Now, more news is emerging from France.

Apple store employees in France are preparing for a strike at the end of the week, coinciding with the release of the iPhone 15. According to TNW, Apple unions, including CGT, Unsa, CFDT, and Cidre-CFTC, are demanding better pay and improved working conditions. If their requests are not met, store employees will walk out on Friday and Saturday.

What are they asking for? A 7% wage increase, which they argue is necessary due to high inflation in the country. Additionally, Apple store workers are advocating for the end of a month-long hiring freeze.

The initial response from management has been a 4.5% wage increase and the addition of a small increase in meal benefits. It’s worth noting that Apple reported $81.80 billion in revenue for its fiscal third quarter, exceeding analysts’ predictions of $80.69 billion.

CGT Apple Retail publicly announced that, due to management’s disregard for their demands and concerns, the four unions of Apple Retail France will go on strike on September 22 and 23.

According to the announcement, representatives from Barcelona will also join the strike, suggesting that this issue may extend beyond France alone. The announcement further emphasizes, “We remind management that it is not these movements that harm the company, but rather its denial in the face of employees’ discomfort.”

Union officials state that the strike will not prevent customers from shopping at Apple stores in France, but some patience might be required. If management remains steadfast in their position, additional strikes in the coming weeks are not out of the question. It remains to be seen how Apple will respond and whether France will set new trends in both fashion and workers’ rights.

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