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Apple WWDC 2024 Schedule Revealed: Get Ready for Telecom Innovation!

Get ready for an exciting update from Apple at WWDC 2024! The Keynote will reveal all the details about iOS 18, promising to be the biggest update in iOS history. Here’s what you can expect:

– AI-powered Siri enhancements for more natural conversations
– M2 Ultra-powered servers for complex tasks in cloud-based data centers
– Platforms State of the Union at 1 pm PDT to dive deeper into Apple’s various platforms

If you’re a developer looking to learn new tricks, make sure to check out the video sessions on the Apple Developer app, YouTube channel, and website. Subscribe to the Apple Developer Channel on YouTube to catch all the latest updates. After the Keynote, don’t miss out on the Labs schedule, open to current members of the Apple Developer Program, Swift Student Challenge winners 2022-2024, and Entrepreneur Camp alumni.

To make the most of your consultation at Labs, remember to include specific questions, troubleshooting steps you’ve tried, links to your app (if available), requests for general topics or features, and feedback IDs from reports filed using Feedback Assistant. Apple experts will match you with the right expert based on your request.

Stay tuned for email confirmation with a Calendar invitation and Webex link by 10 p.m. PT the night before your consultation. And don’t forget about the Developer Forums where you can chat with Apple developers and experts for advice.

Excitement is building up as we count down less than two weeks until WWDC 2024!

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