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Apple’s new ad for the iPhone 15 Pro series is a repetitive pattern.

Apple has released a new ad for the iPhone 15 Pro models called “On with the Show” following the announcement that an iPhone 15 Pro Max was used to record the Scary Fast Mac event on October 30th. The 60-second ad starts with the aftermath of a staged car accident for a movie as a woman is comforting an alien. We hear the director yell, “Cut” and some of the people involved in the business of filming a movie are taking turns singing “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

The song was written by Irving Berlin in 1946 and first sung by Ethel Merman in the movie “Annie Get Your Gun.” In Apple’s ad, we see the makeup lady, the lighting guy, some ‘gofer’ walking on the set, a photographer using an iPhone 15 Pro Max to film a scene, some of the actors, the person holding the clapboard, and others singing the song. As the tune comes to the end with its “Let’s go on with the show” refrain, we see the meaningful image of the three iPhone 15 Pro Max lenses recording an explosion.

The Tagline rhymes with “Let’s go on with the show” as it reads, “There’s no camera like Pro.” Apple has used images of the iPhone Pro models filming a movie quite often and in fact, it did so back in September when it unveiled the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max in the video titled “Introducing iPhone 15 Pro.” That video starts by showing one of the Pro phones being used to record a movie scene. During the video, Apple says that the cameras on the phones “can literally shoot a blockbuster film.”

You might spot the new ad during this weekend’s televised sporting events including college and pro football games, college and pro basketball contests, and NHL pro hockey battles. And if you’re like some of our readers, you might be enjoying the game at home or in a bar and when the ad plays, you’ll jump up and scream that you’ve already seen it. We understand that you can’t help yourself; you’re a phone enthusiast.

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