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Employee under oath unveils Google’s billions spent to rival iOS with Android

The U.S. v. Google antitrust trial has recently been focusing on the billions of dollars in search revenue sharing that Google pays out to various Android phone manufacturers and wireless carriers. This money is intended to help the Android ecosystem remain innovative and competitive against Apple’s iOS and the iPhone. Jamie Rosenberg, a part-time Googler, […]

Apple’s new ad for the iPhone 15 Pro series is a repetitive pattern.

Apple has released a new ad for the iPhone 15 Pro models called “On with the Show” following the announcement that an iPhone 15 Pro Max was used to record the Scary Fast Mac event on October 30th. The 60-second ad starts with the aftermath of a staged car accident for a movie as a […]

Netflix received a significant discount on the Play Store’s “Google Tax”

A recent development from the Epic v. Google trial has unearthed some interesting information. As part of the ongoing lawsuit, it was revealed that Google reduced its commission on in-app purchases to 15% for the first million dollars of revenue, but reverted to 30% once that threshold was crossed. Epic, the developer of Fortnite, attempted […]

AI Pin: Humane Launches Wearable Device to Replace Smartphone

Humane’s new device, the AI Pin, has been officially launched by the tech start-up company. Priced at $699, users will also need to subscribe to Humane’s services for a monthly fee of $24, which includes a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile’s network. Preorders for the AI Pin will start on November 16th, and […]

Many parts of the US experiencing Verizon service outage

Verizon Experiencing Widespread Outages in the US Verizon users across the United States have been reporting issues with their service, with a significant increase in complaints being recorded on Downdetector in the last few hours. The problem seems to be more than just spotty signals, as many customers are unable to use their phones for […]

OPPO Takes Communication to New Heights with Satellite Connectivity on the Find X7

One could argue that phones are becoming uninspiring, yet some phone features are literally out of this world – like satellite support. Apparently, the AI craze is not the only thing phone manufacturers are obsessed with these days; now, OPPO is the latest brand to take it to orbit and enable satellite communication in its […]