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Is a phone with a stylus still necessary in 2023?

Do We Really Need Phones with Styluses in 2023?

Welcome to Phones Canada! Today, we’re diving into a hot topic: Do we truly need phones equipped with styluses in this day and age? Before we begin, let’s address the Galaxy Note enthusiasts out there – we’re looking at you! In our discussion, we’ll be focusing on our experience with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and whether a stylus is a necessary tool.

During our time with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we made a conscious effort to use the S Pen. However, as we went about our daily tasks, we often found ourselves forgetting about it altogether. It could be a matter of personal usage habits, but we rarely required the precision of a stylus to accomplish essential tasks on the S22 Ultra. Our phone usage mainly revolves around one-handed operation, as we’re frequently on the go. Additionally, we don’t frequently work with Excel or similar apps, nor do we partake in drawing or scribbling activities.

It’s worth noting that other phone models offer stylus support, and you can always purchase one separately. While these styluses may not provide the exact functionality of an S Pen, they do offer a similar experience. However, the question remains: Are people actually utilizing them? If these styluses were in high demand, wouldn’t all smartphones come equipped with one?

We understand that our perspective may differ from others, and that’s why we want to hear from you! We encourage you to share your thoughts in our poll and leave comments below. Whether you agree or disagree, we value your input. As we conclude, let’s drop a bombshell: Steve Jobs famously stated that nobody needs a stylus. What are your thoughts on his statement?

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