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Discover Why Your Google Discover Feed Could Become Your Go-To Research Tool

Google Discover, the personalized content feed that surfaces relevant news, articles, and videos, is introducing a new feature that makes it easier for users to delve deeper into topics that pique their interest. This beta test incorporates footers beneath specific articles, suggesting related search terms that open up a world of additional information and perspectives.

For instance, if you’re intrigued by an article showcasing a specific smartphone, the footer might prompt you to explore a similar phone or category, such as “flip phones 2023.” This seamless integration streamlines the process of expanding your knowledge without having to dig through endless search results.

Upon tapping on these footers, a Google Search is triggered for the specific phrase shown, unlocking access to supplementary articles and contextual insights pertaining to the topic. This functionality is similar to a previous Google experiment that added a fake search bar above certain articles.

Discover feed on Pixel Launcher | Source – Phone Arena

This new feature was spotted by the team at Android Police when browsing through the Discover feed on a Pixel device, where these handy related search terms footers began to appear on certain articles. This beta test is a throwback to Google’s earlier attempts to make Discover more topic-oriented, since it was noted that back in 2018, Discover featured “topic headers” that allowed users to explore related content.

The rollout of footers looks to still be in its early stages, and it is unknown if or when it will be made available to a wider range of users. It is clear that Google is still tinkering with this feature, so you might not see it for every article.

That said, if you happen to come across this feature on your Discover feed — and you’re a fan of exploring new topics and uncovering hidden gems — you might want to give it a try. It might just become your new favorite way to learn and discover.

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