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Elon Unveils New Premium X Subscriptions with Two Fresh Models

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The last few hours are chock-full of Cybertruck news, but Elon Musk is not giving X a day off.

The social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, could soon introduce two new premium subscription plans.

“One is lower cost with all features, but no reduction in ads, and the other is more expensive, but has no ads,” Musk clarifies in a post on X.

There are no further details provided on the coming subscription plans. People are commenting: “No ads? Wait a minute. So, if you pay for the higher tier you don’t see any ads, but people will still see ads on your posts, right? If everybody decides that they don’t want any ads anymore, and signs up for the more expensive tier, what’ll happen with the ad share revenue?”

Just a few days ago, X began testing a “Not a Bot” plan, currently contained in two countries – the Philippines and New Zealand. The subscription plan comes at a modest cost of $1 annually, but keep in mind that prices may vary based on the country and currency.

Musk himself assured that the platform will remain free for reading. The $1/year fee would apply for writing tweets. According to the billionaire, combating bots (without clamping down on genuine users) will be easier this way and manipulation of the platform – “a thousand times harder”.

As for the users who are not willing to pay, they will only be able to take “read only” actions, such as: reading posts, watching videos, and following accounts, the company said on its website.

Meanwhile, new reports claim that X lost 600 million visitors in September. The data comes from SimilarWeb, a company that tracks visits to most websites. According to the data, X dropped from 6.4 billion visitors in August to 5.8 billion in September. While this isn’t as impactful as it sounds, it still amounts to an almost 10% decrease.

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