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Enhanced Fitbit Workout Interface Now Available for First-Generation Pixel Watch in Canada!

Google’s original Pixel Watch recently received some exciting updates with the March Pixel Feature Drop. One of the standout features is the revamped fitness tracking interface, aligning the first-generation smartwatch with the streamlined workout experience of the Pixel Watch 2.

Previously, the workout UI on the Pixel Watch was functional but not very user-friendly. A large metric dominated the screen, with three smaller stats squeezed below. However, Google has now rolled out a new update that revamps this layout to be more intuitive and reminiscent of the Pixel Watch 2.

Now, key exercise stats are displayed in a vertical list that can be easily swiped through for a clearer view. This allows users to quickly check important information like heart rate, calories burned, and elapsed time during their workouts. The visual representation of heart rate zones as a filled-in heart icon adds a nice touch, along with subtle changes to button shapes for a polished look.

These updates are part of Fitbit 3.19 for Wear OS, which can be found on the on-watch Play Store for installation. It’s worth noting that restarting your Pixel Watch after the update may be necessary to see the new UI in action.

It’s great to see Google bringing features from the Pixel Watch 2 to the original Pixel Watch, enhancing the user experience for health-conscious individuals who have been loyal to their first-generation smartwatch. This update is sure to elevate the fitness tracking capabilities and overall usability of the original Pixel Watch.

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