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Farewell to the iTunes Movie Trailers app… Introducing the Apple TV app

Change in iTunes Movie Trailers App | Phones Canada Team

Change in iTunes Movie Trailers App

Win some, lose some. Today, one iOS application goes down for good – the iTunes Movie Trailers app. It has just received a terminal update and now instead of showing movie trailers (like it used to do since its inception in 2011), it prints a message that reads “Apple TV app is the new home of iTunes Movies Trailers” (via 9to5Mac).

That change is not unexpected. At the beginning of August, Apple introduced this same message (“Apple TV app is the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers”) on both the mobile application and on the website, preparing users for this present situation.

Upon opening the now-non-functional iTunes Movie Trailers app, users are not only informed where to go for their favorite flick teasers and trailers but there’s also a blue button at the bottom that says “Open” and serves as a getaway to the Apple TV app.

Tapping on it takes you directly to the “Movie and TV Trailers” section of the Apple TV app. But if you’re opening the same app from ground zero and wish to get to the trailers module, you can do that by going to the “Store” tab of the app, and then scrolling down to the “Watch the Latest Trailers” header.

Some users are not amused by the change: “I’m gonna miss it. I actually used it to add showtimes to my calendar since it would account for the exact time of the movie”, while some are nostalgic: “I remember going to the Apple movie trailer website to kill some time while my iPhone 3G was syncing with iTunes for the first time on launch day. Memories.” Others are completely on board with Apple’s decision and cheer the update, stating that the standalone app was archaic.

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