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Faster Find of Favorite Places with Emojis Now Available on Google Maps

Phones Canada – Discover Your Favorite Places Faster with Google Maps Emojis

With the Google Maps app, finding your favorite places or creating lists of places you want to visit is made easier. Google recently announced an update on its Google Maps’ X account, stating that users can now customize their saved places with emojis to help you locate your favorite spots quickly. These emojis are the same ones available in messages, allowing you to use any emoji you wish to symbolize a place you’ve saved – whether it’s a food emoji, a sports emoji, or any other emoji.

To add an emoji to your saved places on Google Maps, simply open the app and tap on the Saved tab at the bottom of the screen. However, note that this feature will not work with the default lists that come with Google Maps, such as “Want to go,” “Favorites,” “Travel plans,” “Labeled,” and “Starred places.” You need to either create your own list or edit an existing one. For instance, you can create a new list called “Fav Coffee Spots” and select an emoji that represents coffee as the symbol for this list. Add a description, and then start adding the coffee spots you want to include.

Once your list is complete, whenever you’re close to one of these spots on Google Maps, you will see the name of the place accompanied by the chosen emoji. Zooming out on the map will only display the emojis, allowing for a quick visual identification of your favorite coffee houses, ice cream parlors, burger joints, and more without even having to tap on the locations. With a vast variety of emojis to choose from, finding your favorite spots on Google Maps has become faster and more enjoyable.

Please note that the images and videos mentioned in the original article have been removed for a better reading experience. You can find the original article on the phonearena.com website.

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