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Galaxy S24 Ultra Could Pose Tough Challenge for iPhone 15 Pro with Identical Main Camera

The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s main camera captures 12MP images by default, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro’s primary 48MP camera’s default output is 24MP. The iPhone 14 Pro, also equipped with a 48MP main camera, captures 12MP images by default. The iPhone 15 Pro’s 24MP pictures offer more detail, positioning it as one of the best camera phones of 2023.

Leaker Ahmed Qwaider, known for getting his hands on unreleased products, claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s main camera’s default resolution will also be 24MP. Additionally, the Galaxy S23 Ultra allows you to capture 50MP images, which contain more details than a 12MP file while taking up less space than 200MP pictures.

The main camera may also feature a neutral density filter for 24MP RAW pictures, similar to the one found in the Expert RAW camera app, which helps reduce light entering the lens and prevents overexposure, resulting in better photos in bright environments.

Qwaider also claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a Photo Remaster feature, which offers three options after taking a photo – Portrait, Remaster, or Delete. The Remaster option is likely to use AI to enhance the image.

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