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Google Developing Technology to Transform Any ANC Earbuds into Heart Rate Trackers

Google is currently exploring the possibility of using Active Noise-Canceling (ANC) earbuds to track heart rate. Through the use of audioplethysmography (APG) technology, the low-intensity ultrasound signals emitted by the earbuds’ speakers can be captured by the onboard ANC microphones. This would allow the earbuds to detect subtle changes in the skin and heartbeat in the ear canal.

One of the notable advantages of this technology is its compatibility with different ear sizes, ear seals, and skin tones. Additionally, it is designed to work even during music playback. However, Google faced challenges in noisy environments while developing this innovation. Despite this, the company claims to have overcome these challenges and attained accurate results.

So far, Google has tested the technology on 153 individuals, and the results have proven promising. The median error for heart rate measurements was found to be 3.21%, while for heart rate variability measurements, it was 2.70%.

It is important to note that this research is still in its early stages, and it remains uncertain whether Google intends to implement APG technology in its consumer products. Nevertheless, the potential for using ANC earbuds as heart rate trackers is an exciting development in the field of health tracking.

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