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New beneficial notification feed introduced on Google app for Android and iOS

Per Phone’s Team, the Google app on Android and iOS now has a new feature that allows users to check their notification history from Google throughout the day. The Google app sends various notifications such as sports scores, weather conditions, stock updates, personal travel information, word of the day, viewing recommendations, and more. If you […]

Google Developing Technology to Transform Any ANC Earbuds into Heart Rate Trackers

Google is currently exploring the possibility of using Active Noise-Canceling (ANC) earbuds to track heart rate. Through the use of audioplethysmography (APG) technology, the low-intensity ultrasound signals emitted by the earbuds’ speakers can be captured by the onboard ANC microphones. This would allow the earbuds to detect subtle changes in the skin and heartbeat in […]

Information on the Surface of Samsung Foundry’s 1.4nm Process Node

Why do we phone enthusiasts go nuts every time a foundry moves to a new process node? The most basic response I can think of is that as the process node drops, so does the size of the transistors used in a chip. Smaller transistors mean that more of them can fit inside a chip […]

Ad blockers could lead to complete video playback disablement on YouTube

YouTube Fights Against Ad Blockers YouTube began its fight against ad blockers back in July when users started to notice a warning when the app detected one of these was in use. Now, YouTube is reportedly ramping up these efforts to eliminate these blockers from being used and encourage users to go ad-free with the […]

Rolling Out to iPhone: The Convenient Chrome Feature that Nearly Arrived on Android has reported that Google has released a new Chrome feature exclusively for iPhone users. This move follows a pattern of companies favoring certain platforms over others. According to the article, Chrome for Android and Chrome for iOS already have notable differences, and now Google has added another differentiating factor. The new feature allows iPhone […]