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Google Home’s “Help Me Script” feature turns regular individuals into skilled coders

Introducing Google Home’s “Help me script” Feature: Making Coding Accessible to Everyone

Programming and coding can often feel intimidating, filled with complex terminology and technicalities that deter many individuals from venturing into this fascinating world. However, Google is about to change that with its upcoming feature for Google Home users called “Help me script.” This innovative feature aims to make coding accessible to everyone by allowing users to program and automate routines using natural language.

Scheduled to be released later this year, the “Help me script” feature will be integrated into Google Home’s script editor, which is currently known to require coding skills. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in this process will simplify it for users who may not have any coding experience.

So, how does it work? Users simply need to log into their Google Home account on Google Home for the web and access the script editor. From there, they can describe their desired actions in natural language. For example, they can say something like, “If my outdoor camera detects someone after dark, turn on the porch light and make an announcement.” The generative AI of the “Help me script” feature will then generate the necessary code based on the user’s description. Users can easily copy, paste, and activate this code in the script editor, which can also be modified later if needed.

One significant advantage of the “Help me script” feature is that it is powered by a large language model, constantly learning and improving. This ensures that the generated scripts become more accurate and personalized with each use.

Google’s goal with this feature is to introduce coding to individuals who have never coded before, allowing them to experience the joy and satisfaction of creating their own programs. Moreover, users will have the opportunity to witness the real-world outcome of their programming efforts within their own homes, making it a truly immersive and engaging experience.

Say goodbye to the fear of complex programming jargon and welcome a future where coding is accessible to all. Google Home’s “Help me script” feature is here to bridge the gap between normal individuals and the world of coding.

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