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Google launches YouTube Premium and Music Premium in 10 additional countries

Google announced earlier this month that it is bringing both its YouTube Premium and Music Premium services to 10 more countries. The services are already available in three of these countries from December 5, while the rest will get them in the coming days. Spotted by 9to5google, the list of countries that are getting YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium this month include names like Algeria, Cambodia, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Tunisia, and Senegal. Starting December 5, both Google services are available in Ghana, Kenya, and Senegal. With the addition of these 10 countries, both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium are now available in no less than 110 countries. If you live in any of the 10 countries mentioned above, you should know that monthly subscriptions are more expensive on iOS. Both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium services, as well as the bundle, are more expensive for iOS users than Android ones, so keep that in mind if you plan to subscribe. With YouTube Premium, subscribers can watch videos without advertising, as well as continue to listen to the audio in their video even if they exit the YouTube app. Also, YouTube Premium subscribers can download their favorite videos for later viewing. Not to mention that they’ll get access to a premium version of YouTube Music, allowing them to listen to music offline and ad-free, in the YouTube Music app.

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