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Google Photos starts the launch of Locked Folder cloud backup across Android, iOS, and the Web

Google Photos has been a game-changer for managing our memories, offering a cloud storage solution with useful features and utilities. One of these utilities is the Locked Folder, which allows users to secure sensitive photos and videos within the app. However, until now, the Locked Folder had limitations. It was not compatible with devices running anything other than Android, and the media stored in the folder was not backed up or synced to Google accounts or other devices.

Thankfully, Google is rolling out an update for the Photos app that addresses these issues. With this update, items in the Locked Folder will be backed up and synced to Google accounts, ensuring they are accessible on all devices, including iOS and the web. This is a significant improvement, as it eliminates the risk of losing sensitive media when switching devices or uninstalling the app.

While the update is being gradually rolled out to existing Android devices, it may take some time before it reaches everyone. It’s recommended to stay updated with the latest version of the Google Photos app (currently v6.9 on Android) to ensure access to the new features. It’s exciting to see how this feature, initially exclusive to Pixel devices, is expanding to other Android devices, iOS, and the web, along with cloud backup capabilities.

Source: Google

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